Finding out you’re pregnant is an incredibly special time but also a time that can lead to some apprehension.

At NEWH our doctors and midwives work together to support you and your partner through all aspects of your pregnancy care and we are committed to helping you achieve the best outcome.

Our specialists are supported by an exceptional team of highly skilled midwives and a lactation consultant who provide extensive antenatal & postnatal education and support. If you have a question or concern during your pregnancy, need help with settling tips for your baby or advice on breast or formula feeding our midwives are only a phone call away.

We provide:

  • pre-pregnancy counselling
  • complete antenatal care for both low risk patients and patients with complex medical needs
  • ultrasound (dating & growth scans) and CTG monitoring
  • management of labour & delivery including vaginal delivery, caesarean delivery and VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean)
  • postnatal care (including Home Visits starting Feb 2018 - see more info below)
  • lactation support

We deliver babies at North Eastern Community Hospital, a hospital we believe provides the highest quality of care for both mums & babies. NECH has a team of dedicated hospital based midwives who assist with antenatal education, individualised care throughout labour & delivery and postnatal care of both you & your baby.

Very occasionally it may be necessary to change the hospital we plan for you to deliver at to either the Women's & Children's Hospital (WCH) or Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMHS). If this is the case you will still remain a private patient under the care our doctors.

Although you will have your own individual Obstetrician, at NEWH our doctors & midwives work as a team to ensure you receive the best possible care. In addition to seeing your doctor you will see a midwife at most of your appointments.

North Eastern Community Hospital:

Postnatal Care:

  • Our midwives are available to support you and our lactation consultant can help with more complex feeding problems
  • Dr Bof’s patients will be seen at the rooms by a midwife within your first week of discharge, at no extra charge, and then as needed to support you through your first six weeks.
  • A follow up appointment with your obstetrician will occur at approximately 6 weeks postnatal

Postnatal Home Visits:

Starting in February 2018, we will be offering a postnatal home visit for Dr Russ’s patients with one of our midwives.

Patients* will be able to have 1 home visit for a health check of both mother & baby at no extra charge between 1- 4 weeks after the birth of their baby.

* Excluding extreme geographical distance

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If you are planning to become pregnant please see our checklist below and if you are pregnant, CONGRATULATIONS!

Please see your GP for a referral and contact our Administrative staff on (08) 8331 7755 for your first appointment.

Preparing for Pregnancy

In order to optimise the health of both yourself and your baby please consider the following:

  1. Cease smoking (both you and your partner) - Quitline - 13 78 48
  2. Minimise alcohol intake and cease once pregnant
  3. Regular daily exercise of 30 minutes
  4. Try to maintain a healthy weight & diet
  5. Commence a pregnancy supplement with iodine and at least 400mcg folic acid daily at least 1 month before conception and take for the first 3 months of pregnancy
  6. See your GP for a general health check including pap smear if it is due as well as up to date immunisations


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